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Crosshatching - in crosshatching, the foreground portion of a drawing is crosshatched while the background is left unhatched. (Cf. "crosshair" and "doublecross".) Sometimes the crosshatching is done only on one side. Players use them as a way of developing a strong sense of line and surface in their paintings. (See Crosshatching, below.) Another use is in military camouflage: "The purpose of shading is to form, or obscure, a terrain, tree, rock, vehicle, or the like, with solid, contour lines. Shading removes the masking effect of contour lines and returns a surface that is more lifelike." Source: Wikipedia. Some, in fact, would argue that crosshatching has nothing to do with art at all, and is rather an attempt to camouflage the artist's work. Player have used this technique in some of their portraits, such as that of Novella, in which she is portrayed with crosshatched lines. This may be done as an alternative to the technique of using a black crayon or marker to outline an image. Examples are seen in paintings such as Elements (1982), by Mark Flood, which shows only the inner contour, or outline, of the figure. This technique, also used by Klimt, was originally employed by Leonardo da Vinci and is found in Japanese woodblock prints (Ukiyo-e). The crosshatching can be found in the background of early Western paintings, where it was a common practice for painters to blur the outlines of the objects in the foreground with vague strokes. (See Stipple.) A good example is found in Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, where the general impression of the subject is blurred. In prehistoric art (often found in cave paintings) crosshatched or dotted outlines were also commonly used, to help the viewer focus on the subject. Learn To Draw Comic Books In 3d Basic Sketchbook. Paid View Link. 30 min. Learn To Draw Comics - How To Draw Comics (what the hell is this). 3D FUN!! AGE: 6-12. how to draw a cartoon cat in 3d : using pencils. Using pencils. Learn how to draw cartoon cats. Using just pencils, create a realistic looking cat in this free 3D lesson. The pencils will be used to create the shadows, wrinkles, fur, whiskers and other features of the 01e38acffe For more information on the online versions of this tournament, go here. TOKYO POKER 7 Play online poker and battle it out with real people from around the world. You can play in real money tournaments. CABINET POKER MONTBLANC 2015 Choose your favourite casino, poker room and match the classic or modern setting to suit your mood. Compete in a cash race and add new cards to your hand. Play for Free and test out the latest game features before you take the plunge. 2K POKER TOURNAMENT Completely updated with new graphics and event formats, 2K Poker Tournament is a fast-paced and fun take on the modern poker environment. New camera angles, unique playing features, and virtual reality features make this game the way to play. BOXX WYOMING FISHING FREE POKER 2 EXCEL PLAY FREE POKER 2 EXCEL PLAY FREE POKER 2 EXCEL PLAY FREE POKER 2 EXCEL PLAY FREE POKER 2 EXCEL PLAY lotsa-poker-loops-3.zip jillurado-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-poker-classique-

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